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PetFusion Dog Bed & Micro Plush Blanket

Don't you just love crawling into bed at the end of a long day? There is nothing more relaxing than sliding into your bedtime oasis and getting some well deserved rest. Don't you think your dog deserves that too? Providing your canine companion with a high quality bed, like the PetFusion Dog Bed, is your responsibility as a pet owner.

When your dog has his own bed, it gives him a place in your home that is all his. He doesn't need to share that space with anyone else. Even if your dog doesn't like to be by himself very often, he'll have a comfortable, warm and safe place to rest when he does.

A bed like the PetFusion Dog Bed can serve as a boundary for a necessary time out or give your senior dog the relief that his tired, sore muscles and bones need after a long day. Bolster beds, like this one, are designed for dogs that like to nest and snuggle into their bed at the end of a long day.


PetFusion Dog Bed & Micro Plush Blanket Review

PetFusion Dog BedPetFusion Dog Bed

This dog bed is made with a solid 4″ memory foam base. The bolsters are stuffed with recycled “green” poly-fill. The removable outer cover is machine washable, which is a must have feature in my opinion. It is also water resistant and tear resistant.

The bed features a step-on design with back and side bolsters. My dogs really love to snuggle into the bolsters, and you can see that my Labrador likes to rest her head on them. I like the bolster design, because it prevents my dogs from sliding off the side of the bed when they stretch out.

Two of our dogs also like to “nest” before lying down. I was worried that they may tear a hole in the cover of the bed, but so far there are no signs of damage. We've had the bed for about 3 months, and they use it daily.

It also features a waterproof inner liner to protect the memory foam base from any accidents your dog may have. The PetFusion Dog Bed is available in 4 sizes:

  • Small – 20″W x 25″L x 5.5″H
  • Large – 28″W x 36″L x 9″H
  • Extra-Large – 34″W x 44″L x 10″H
  • Jumbo – 40″W x 50″L x 13″H

It is also available in 3 colors:

  • slate grey
  • chocolate brown
  • sandstone

If you're hoping to provide a better quality bed for your dog, it's not going to come cheap. High quality memory foam dog beds are not affordable on every budget, and this one is no exception.

The PetFusion Dog Bed is currently on sale on Amazon for $69.95-$239.95 depending on the size that you choose. The Extra Large size is featured in my review, and you can see that my Labrador has plenty of space. While it won't fit into everyone's budget, this is a high quality bed that will last for many years.

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PetFusion Micro Plush BlanketPetFusion Micro Plush Blanket

My dogs love to snuggle with blankets on their bed. This super soft option from PetFusion is made of 100% polyester micro plush. It is shed (pill) resistant. It's also created with a double layer construction, so it's reversible.

This blanket is also machine washable. I like spreading a blanket over my dog's beds or the furniture they like to lie on, because it offers a protective layer and makes it much easier to clean.

Like the dog bed, this blanket is available in 4 sizes:

  • Small – 27″W x 31″L
  • Medium – 34″W x 44″L
  • Large – 44″W x 53″L
  • Extra-Large – 48″W x 6-“L

Unlike the dog bed, this blanket is affordable on any budget. It is currently selling on Amazon for $15.95-$29.95. If you can't afford a high quality bed right now, at least you can save your furniture by throwing a blanket like this over it.