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Cosmic Pet is a multi-branded, international company that designs and manufactures pet products for cats and dogs. Formerly known separately as Hyper Pet, R2P Pet, and OurPets, the combined company is an industry leader of innovative and stimulating pet toys and accessories that help strengthen the bond between pets and their parents.

Our mission is to lead in the pet industry by developing iconic and trend-setting products that create value for our partners by delivering great experiences for pets and their families. Cosmic Pet continually strives to exceed the expectations of all our customers while providing only the best for our four-legged friends.

Cosmic Pet now has more than 160 employees and is headquartered in Wichita, Kansas.

Key Brands

Hyper Pet
R2P Pet
Pet Fusion
Our Pets
Wild Eats
Pet Zone
Ultra Paws
Aussie Naturals
Outback Jack

Cosmic Pet Policy

To better serve our customers, we've updated our policies. Below are more details about what these changes are.

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Cosmic Pet Adds to List of Top-Tier Brands, Acquires PetFusion

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