Written by Bridget Degnan

Amazon Shoppers Say This Best-Selling Treat Mat Is the Key to Calming Down Anxious Pets

Hyper Pet IQ Treat Mat Dog Lick Mat & Fun Alternative to Slow Feeder Dog Bowls

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It’s fair to say that you’ve probably felt some level of anxiety. And it’s common for your pet to experience those types of emotions, too. While extreme signs of fear and anxiety should be discussed with your veterinarian, offering your cat or dog relaxing activities, like the Hyper Pet IQ Treat Mat, can help them calm down. At just $15, the stress-relieving puzzle is a win for many reasons.

This two-pack of snuffle mats, the best-seller in its category on Amazon, has over 1,200 perfect ratings from customers. The set comes with a green mat and an orange mat that feature different textured surfaces you can fill with their favorite healthy treats, like peanut butter or pumpkin puree. As your pet licks their snack off the mat, the repetitive motion helps soothe their anxious feelings.

What’s more, the mat provides benefits for dental and digestive health, as well as entertainment while you’re away. The bumps and ridges scrape their tongue to help freshen their breath and slow down their food consumption, and the challenging design (paired with a treat) definitely keeps them happy and busy.

Hyper Pet IQ Treat Mat Dog Lick Mat & Fun Alternative to Slow Feeder Dog Bowls
Credit: Amazon

Buy It! Hyper Pet IQ Treat Mat, $14.95; amazon.com

“This is a great distraction for my new rescue dog who has some anxiety issues,” one five-star reviewer said. “One of her signals is to lick us... excessively. This is a positive way to address this. A spoonful of peanut butter spread over the mat gives my dog enough sensory feedback to calm her.”

“This has been a great product for our dog (and so, for us!). It keeps her busy for quite a while, then she’s calm and blissful for even longer,” another satisfied shopper said. “Also, when there was a thunderstorm (yikes!) she found the mat and brought it to me to fix up for her, so even she knows it works for her. Thanks for a calmer dog.”

Many shoppers also note that it’s easy to clean and durable. It can be placed on the top rack of the dishwasher or rinsed with warm soapy water to look as good as new. Others claim it’s the perfect way to keep pups distracted while working from home.

For the mere price of $15, it’s not only the perfect tool for anxiety relief, but also for mental stimulation and healthy digestion. Whether you’re leaving the house or encountering stormy weather, both you and your pet will appreciate this snuffle mat.