Petmate f/k/a Cosmic Pet is committed to the continued growth of our brands. Our resellers play a critical role in our pursuit of this goal by providing our products to the customers they serve. Simply stated, resellers that support the Petmate brands are critical to our ability to compete effectively in the marketplace. Effective September 1, 2019 Petmate f/k/a Cosmic Pet will be enforcing a unilateral Internet Minimum Advertising Price Policy or “MAP” policy. This MAP policy applies to all brands underneath the Petmate Umbrella. Under the terms of this policy, a retailer cannot advertise any of our products for a price that is less than the product’s listed MAP price. 

**Statement of Policy:**

Upon notifying a retailer of an infraction, they shall have seventy-two (72) hours to bring advertising into compliance or Petmate f/k/a Cosmic Pet reserves the right to cancel any pending orders for the product(s) in violation of MAP. In the event of a second MAP policy violation, Petmate f/k/a Cosmic Pet will cancel any pending orders and cease filling any new orders for the product(s) in violation of MAP for a period of thirty (30) days, and if a retail partner violates the policy a third time, Petmate f/k/a Cosmic Pet reserves the right to withhold all future shipments of MAP violated items for the current season and beyond. Petmate f/k/a Cosmic Pet will work with our distribution partners for retailers that do not purchase direct.

This unilateral MAP policy may be modified, suspended or discontinued at any time by Petmate f/k/a Cosmic Pet. Any special discounts and promotions must receive prior written approval from Petmate f/k/a Cosmic Pet. Violations of the MAP policy shall be determined by Petmate f/k/a Cosmic Pet in its sole discretion. Should you have any questions regarding the MAP policy, please feel free to contact the Petmate MAP Policy Admin:

To read the full Petmate MAP Policy please visit:

**MAP Rules and eCommerce Guidelines:**

Acceptable and Un-Acceptable forms for Discounting and Advertising

  • In no event shall a price strike through, “see lower price in cart” or “call for a lower price” be acceptable
  • Use of coupon code or discount codes is allowed. Discount codes MUST be placed only after the items have been selected to the cart.
  • Bundled products offered as a discount are acceptable ONLY if any and all MAP items are advertised at or above MAP.
  • Site wide discounts are acceptable only if there is not a discounted price shown. % off or $ off applied via a code are acceptable.


Examples of acceptable discounting:

  • “Save 20% on all Hyper Pet toys with code ####” OR “20% off FX Launcher with discount code ####”*
  • “Save $10.00 on PETLOGIX Zinger” (as long as the price displayed and in the cart are at MAP) Apply code for $10.00 savings*
  • “Free shipping with code #### on K9 Kannon at $17.25”*
  • “Final price in cart after code #### is applied”*
  • “Receive a gift card with purchase of Hyper Pet item…”*

• Examples of Un-Acceptable discounting:

  • “K9 Kannon Reduced $17.25”*
  • “Flippy Flopper see lower price in cart”*

The final selling pricing is at the sole discretion of the reseller, but the advertised price cannot be lower than MAP on any SKU.

  • The price displayed in the cart MUST be MAP or higher.
  • Any price displayed before a discount code has been entered that is lower than the MAP for that SKU will be considered a violation.
  • Pricing for this policy will be updated regularly on our website as well as distributed via email to our retail partners.