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Hyper Pet IQ Treat Spread Peanut Butter


I've never known a pup that didn't like peanut butter. My dogs have always been such great fans of the stuff that it became the only way I could induce them to take their meds.

But I recently learned that there is a healthier peanut butter especially made for dogs that doesn't contain sugar, hydrogenated vegetable oil, or salt like some peanut butters made for humans. It's called Hyper Pet IQ Treat Spread Peanut Butter. It's made for dogs, but you can eat it too: it contains no unhealthy ingredients.

The Hyper Pet IQ Peanut Butter comes in three flavors (see image above): Natural, which contains just freshly roasted peanuts and honey; Banana, which contains freshly roasted peanuts, banana, Chia seeds and honey; and Pumpkin, which contains freshly roasted peanuts, pumpkin, cinnamon and honey. And each lick provides your dog with a natural source of protein, healthy fats, vitamins B, E, and niacin.


Hyper Pet IQ Treat Spread Pumpkin Peanut Butter


The spread was especially made for Hyper Pet IQ Licking Mats. (See my review of the Licking Mats here.)



I tasted the Hyper Pet IQ Banana Peanut Butter after stirring it up real good. Hmm. Not bad at all! And my testers (Edie, Brio, and Flynny) went absolutely wild for it!

Doesn't it look like they are enjoying themselves?


Hyper Pet IQ Licking Mat & IQ Banana Peanut Butter (Tester: Edie)


Below, testers Brio and Flynn try out the Hyper Pet IQ Pumpkin Peanut Butter on the Hyper Pet Licking Mat.


Hyper Pet IQ Licking Mat & IQ Pumpkin Peanut Butter (Testers: Brio & Flynn)


Don't be surprised if you find a few whole peanuts in your jar. They only make the Hyper Pet IQ Peanut Butter more interesting for your pups. Yes, dogs can eat peanuts, but they must be unsalted and few and far between as they are fattening! A peanut in your pup's Licking Mat makes his licking experience even more challenging!

If you want to make your dog's licking even more challenging, you can put the Hyper Pet Peanut Butter in the refrigerator before spreading it on the mats. You may even want a "frozen special" for your pup in the summer.

And yes, don't forget the treat that goes with the meds! Refrigerating the peanut butter will make it firm enough to wrap around a pill!

Hyper Pet IQ Treat Spread Peanut Butters are made in the U.S. and are a healthy substitute for a universally loved treat. Eating them from the Hyper Pet IQ Licking Mats make them last longer and totally relax your dog. When I observed our canine testers licking their Peanut Butters off the Licking Mats, they were so calm and rhythmic while licking that they looked like they were meditating. This combination of peanut butter and licking mat really provides a zen experience for your dog that's pleasurable even to observe.

(Though peanut butter is not good for cats, cats love to lick their food off of a Licking Mat.)


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee