Pet travel bottle (mint)

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  • DETACHABLE & EASY TO USE SLEEVE for WATER or DRY FOOD ON-THE-GO: (i) Screw on & off with ease. Grip handle & tilt at slight backward angle to allow your pet to comfortably eat or drink. (ii) Wide mouth and long sleeve for dogs of any size. (iii) Solid plastic more sturdy than silicone or rubber sleeves
  • DOUBLE WALLED INSULATED STAINLESS STEEL: (i) Keeps liquids cool for more than 8 hours; optimal hydration on hot & cold days or extended trips out and about. (ii) 22 oz capacity. (iii) No need for ice, a potential chocking hazard
  • GREAT FOR TRAVEL AND OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES: (I) Whether you're on a quick walk in the park, camping for the weekend, on a road trip, or doing some outdoor fitness, this is a great & convenient way to let your dog join you.
  • NON-SLIP SILICONE HAND GRIP & EASY TO CLEAN: (i) For those times your hands get wet or you're sweating, allowing you to keep a firm grip. (ii) Hand wash mint color. (iii) Stainless Steel & drinking sleeve dishwasher safe. (iv) CARIBINER included to conveniently attach to a backpack, belt loop, diaper bag, or stroller while you travel. Hands free is better for everyone.
  • FDA GRADE MATERIALS: (I) BPA & phthalates Free.FDA GRADE MATERIALS: (I) BPA & phthalates Free.

Additional Details

Enjoy a trip to the park, hiking, camping, travel, or exercise without the hassle of packing food & water bowls with you. Instead, get a PetFusion travel bottle which is effectively a portable dog water bowl to conveniently carry & insulate your water or food to keep your pet hydrated and happy. Double walled vacuum stainless steel keeps liquids cool for at least 8 hours after filling. And a proprietary drinking sleeve allows you to pour water or food on the go. No room to carry more stuff? The PetFusion bottle comes with an easy to use clip to attach to belt loops, backpack, diaper bag, or a stroller with ease.

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