Brushed Anti-tip Bowl (32 oz, set of 2)

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  • Anti-tip & anti-slip for your hungry/thristy dog or cat, making mealtime more pleasant for all. From award winning PetFusion brand.
  • High quality (304 grade) stainless steel, most common grade used in the U.S. Food & Beverage Industry. Corrosion resistant & durable. Safe for you & your pet.
  • Brushed finish for premium look and feel fit your style (and kitchen appliances). Bonded silicone ring (not glued).
  • Best to have 1 food bowl per pet, especially in event of special nutrional needs & aggressive behavior. Community water bowl typically ok. Dogs need 250 - 475 ml of water per day for every 5 KG weight. Cats about 150 - 300 ml water. Dishwasher safe. Care tip: polish in sink w/ white wine vinegar & rinse w/ hot water.
  • 900 ml bowls each900 ml bowls each

Additional Details

High grade stainless steel material, chosen from in depth materials research on corrosion resistance, impact strength, and weight. Brushed finish for premium look and feel and to better mask food and water residue during use.

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