(Wichita, Kan.) – As the leading single-ingredient authority in consumables for dogs, Wild Eats is thrilled to announce the expansion of their Water Buffalo-based products with a new tasting option for pet parents to trial with their dogs, introducing: Prime Select Packs.

Innovated to give pet parents the option to test introducing different natural Water Buffalo chews to their dog’s diet, Prime Select Packs are a trial bag filled with a variety of Wild Eats’ best-selling chews including: Ear, Horn, Tail, Cheek Strips and more. With two bag selections ideal for small to medium (includes seven chews) and medium to large dogs (includes 11 chews), your dog can pick their favorite chews and keep you ordering only the ones they love! Given the many benefits of Water Buffalo protein, Wild Eats chews are made using only free-range, grass-fed and single source ingredients that help promote health teeth and gums. Additionally, all chews in the Prime Select Packs are hormone, antibiotic, gluten and grain free.

Like all Wild Eats chews, the Prime Select Packs are filled with non-splintering and non-abrasive chews suitable for all breeds, and all life stages. Wild Eats Prime Select Packs are available in two varieties and retail for $9.99 and $19.99.