(Wichita, Kan.) – With more than 30 years of experience supplying pet products and interactive toys, Hyper Pet LLC is excited to announce the launch of Crazy Crew, a vibrant line of interactive and durable dog toys.

The Crazy Crew is made up five unique characters, with vibrant “personalities” to fit your dog’s needs. The Crazy Crew is formulated to withstand even the toughest of chewers, with the toys coming in a range of highly durable EVA, TPE, and Natural Rubber blends. Each vibrant member of the Crazy Crew has distinctive features, like treat dispensers and random bounces, meaning your dog will want to collect them all!

Hyper Pet brings the Crazy Crew into their recently expanded family of brands, including Our Pet’s and R2P Pets. “It’s been a lot of fun designing the Crazy Crew, and it really took me back to my childhood and why I became passionate about toy design in the first place,” said Hyper Pet CCO, Ryan Rutherford. “We are thrilled to share this line with hopes that dog owners will love sharing the Crazy Crew with their dog, with the same joy as a toy from their childhood.”

Punky Ballster is made from highly durable natural rubber at a size fit for your largest, toughest chewers. Punky is the strongest member of the Crazy Crew. With a wide grin and open mouth, he’s always ready to serve up kibble and dry treats or peanut butter for hours of enriching engagement. The Punky Ballster retails for $12.99.

Hanniball is an excellent toy for aggressive chewers. His open mouth is a great place to hide kibble, treats or even peanut butter. Filling with peanut butter and then freezing, can provide extended engagement and enrichment. The Hanniball retails for $7.99.

Commander Balldrin is made from resilient EVA foam, he’s easy on sensitive teeth. Great for dogs to catch and since he oats, he’s always prepared to splashdown in your pets’ favorite body of water. The Commander Balldrin retails for $6.99.

Sally Snallygaster, is made from durable TPE. Sally’s squeak combined with her spiky skin, creates an interesting mouth feel and allows her to roll and bounce erratically to activate your pets natural play drive. The Sally Snallygaster $7.99.

Deploraball is made from durable TPE and is good for moderate chewers. His complex texture creates an interesting mouth feel that works alongside his loud squeak to activate your pet’s natural play drive. The Deploraball retails for $6.99.

About Hyper Pet LLC
Since 1983, Hyper Pet LLC has taken the pet toy industry by storm and has quickly become an industry-leading innovative, interactive and award-winning toy, leash and collar lifestyle pet brand. By creating toys for the whole family to enjoy, Hyper Pet’s passion to promote interactive toys provides the ultimate bonding experience and fun for both the owner and their pet while continuously developing the pet toy industry year after year. For more information, visit www.hyper-pet.com.