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  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Bottle Bird Toys are made from safe, sustainable, rescue-tested & proven pet toys that are made from materials that are natural, durable, and authentic. Using materials such as durable woolly cotton rope, natural leather, coconut fiber filling and recycled water bottles, our pet products are ensuring an eco-sustainable footprint.
  • FUN INTERACTIVE PLAY: Entertaining your dog with these 100% natural, eco-friendly, cotton rope Toys will help to strengthen the bond between you and your pet. These Toys are designed to be tough but are not indestructible Dog Chew Toyss. Great for playing tug & fetch the recycled water bottles placed inside provides a fun crunching sound that your dog will love.
  • HELPS CLEAN DOGS TEETH - Made of 100% natural cotton fibers that make chewing these rope Toys not only fun but help with cleaning teeth while supporting dental health. Chewing on the rope helps remove plaque from your dog’s teeth, helping to keeping teeth and gums healthy.  
  • STRONG AND DURABLE MATERIAL: Made with all natural durable materials, the Bottle Bird is strong, long lasting but gentle enough for your pets. Dyed with all-natural materials gives this chew toy it's pleasing color, playful look and soft feel. The dense thread weaving guarantees this interactive dog toy has a strong texture appealing to puppies, small dogs, medium dogs & large dogs alike.
  • HELPS REDUCE STRESS: This new favorite dog toy in your dog toy box provides safe chewing action to help reduce boredom and stress for your eager chewer and much needed exercise and entertainment to keep your pup fit and healthy. Ideal for all life stages and perfect for indoor or outdoor play. As with any dog toy, always supervise your pet while playing.

Additional Details

Bottle Bird Dog Toy is made out of durable woolly cotton rope, natural leather and coconut fiber filing. The recycled water bottle inside provides a fun crunch sound that your dog will love. Our Bottle Bird collection is safe, sustainable, rescue tested & proven pet toys that are natural, durable and authentic. By using all-natural materials, we are ensuring an Eco-sustainable footprint. As with any dog toy, always supervise your pet while playing.


MSRP $9.99
Materials -
Length 2.75 inches
Width 2.75 inches
Height 13.5 inches
Weight 0.54 lbs

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