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A scratcher so nice I bought it twice

PetFusion lounge and Echo the cat

The beauty of shopping on Amazon is that you can discover all kinds of products that have been reviewed by hundreds—sometimes even thousands—of people. It’s not surprising when we find a cute dress with 3,000 reviews, or even a pair of sneakers with more than 8,000 reviews. But there is something miraculous about finding a product that breaks the 10,000-review mark and maintains its solid 5-star rating—especially when that product is a cat scratcher.

That’s right, this simple, infinity-shaped cat scratcher seems standard on the surface, but stands far ahead of its competitors. It looks similar to other cat scratchers you can find at Amazon or Target, but it costs a hefty $50—which just made me even more surprised at it’s 5-star rating. Could a $50 cat scratcher really be worth it?

So, naturally, I bought one to find out. I have two beautiful cats, Echo and Shadow, who love laying on hard surfaces and scratching corrugated cardboard. They’re big girls and they hate sharing (same on both accounts), so I was curious to see if they’d take to this cat scratcher lounge.

And wow, did they ever. I now find myself among the throng of people who swear by this infinity cat lounger. It’s no surprise to me that it holds such a strong rating—and here’s why.

What’s so great about the PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge?

Echo on lounger
Credit: Reviewed / Kate Tully Ellsworth

The scratcher is perfect for scratching, rubbing, and sleeping.

I actually discovered this cat lounger about five years ago, before I had any cats of my own. My sister registered for one for her wedding—she had two cats at the time, so it seemed like a good investment. So when I stumbled across this lounger at the beginning of the year, I hit her up to see if she remembered owning it.

Not only did she remember it, she said her cats were still using it. That blew my mind, because that meant five years had passed and somehow, this scratcher was still kicking. Even more, she had gotten an additional two cats since she first bought it, so this scratcher stood up against four grown cats for five years and was still usable. I’ve had cat scratchers that haven’t lasted five weeks before, so to hear how durable this one piqued my curious.

I ordered one and set it up next to the scratcher our cats were currently using from Target. The PetFusion scratcher is 34 inches wide and made from corrugated cardboard, while the one we had was about 13 inches wide and also made from corrugated cardboard. Side-by-side, you could immediately see the difference between the two scratchers—the PetFusion looked like a piece of furniture, while the other looked like forgotten recycling.

As with all new things, the cats ran to the new scratcher and began claiming it as their own. We assumed the novelty would wear off after a few days, but I’m thrilled to report that my cats are still obsessed with their loungers (you read that right—we bought a second one about a month ago), and continue to be worth every penny.

It’s the sturdiest cat scratcher I’ve ever bought

We’ve gone through a number of cat scratchers, ranging from Amazon’s finest cat trees to whichever cardboard scratchers were in stock at Target. Our cats won’t scratch furniture or twine-wrapped scratchers, but you get them around cardboard and it’s game-over. Cheaper scratchers will move along with the cats’ weight, so every time they used one of the Target ones, you could hear the scratcher banging against the floor.

The infinity lounger is different—it’s wider than any other scratcher we’ve used, so the weight is distributed differently. Moreover, our cats actually jump on top of it to scratch (instead of just scratching from the side). The lounger doesn’t move with their weight, nor does it buckle under their bodies.

Did I mention it also survived a 1,000 mile journey in a POD when we moved?

It doubles as a cat scratcher and a cat lounge

We’ve contemplated buying cat beds, but at the end of the day, our cats just want to lay on uncomfortable surfaces, whether that’s the top of a storage bin or on top of a cardboard lounger. This scratcher quickly became Echo’s favorite nap-time spot and Shadow’s go-to bird-watching surface. Sometimes one of the cats will jump on top to scratch, then they’ll just plop right down and hang out on the lounger.

Other infinity-shaped scratchers claim to double as loungers, but the width of the PetFusion model sets it aside. We used this lounger from Petco, which was only 24-inches long. The cats scratched it like mad, but they were too big to lay on it—and it became unusable after about two months. The “dip” in the infinity shape is where our cats like to hang, and the PetFusion Lounger fits them perfectly.

It blends in with my home decor

My home decor style can be described as “Wayfair Chic.” My ideal home decor style would be Star Wars-themed, but that’s neither here nor there. The PetFusion Lounger is, honestly, just an attractive piece of home decor. It doesn’t feature any bold or bright colors, nor does it have writing that says “MEOW” to remind you that this is a piece of furniture intended for cats (in case you get easily confused). It blends in well wherever we place it, whether it’s under a window, near our desks, or under a table.

It doesn’t shed

No shedding is one of the biggest reasons I’m obsessed with this lounger. My darling Echo loves to eat cardboard, so when she’d scratch a cheaper piece, she’d knock pieces of cardboard loose…then eat them. It was truly disgusting, so we spent a lot of time sweeping up cardboard before she could get to it.

That doesn’t happen with the PetFusion Lounger—it’s made from the same material, but the cardboard is more condensed than I’ve seen in other models. The holes are smaller and sturdier, so even though she scratches the same amount, she’s not covering the ground in cardboard flecks. This probably contributes to the longevity of this scratcher—since the cardboard sticks around longer, the lounger does, too.

What I don’t love about the PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounger

Echo lounging
Credit: Reviewed / Kate Tully Ellsworth

Both Echo and her toy can relax on the lounger.

Truly, there isn’t much I don’t love about my cat scratchers. If I were nitpicking, I’d say these are the only things that I’m not wild about.

It’s wider than other scratchers.

I’ve talked about how much I love the wideness of this piece, but there are some drawbacks to its size. When we first got it, we had to pick a new place to display the scratcher because it was a good 25 inches longer than our old one and simply didn’t fit in the same spot. Its size makes it a little heavier than other models too, but again, it’s sturdier, so it’s a trade-off I’m willing to make.

It’s not the cheapest cat scratcher out there.

I don’t mind splurging on my girls, but $50 for a scratcher seems like a hefty price to pay. Other scratchers typically cost around $20 to $30 a piece, but you have to replace them far more frequently. Since getting our first scratcher in March, we haven’t had to buy a single replacement. If we’d had another scratcher, we would have replaced it at least twice by now. It’s an upfront investment, but for us, is paid off in just a few months.

Should you buy the PetFusion Cat Lounger?

Shadow in lounger
Credit: Reviewed / Kate Tully Ellsworth

Shadow loves every part of the PetFusion lounger.

Do you have a cat? Then the answer is yes.

Seriously, I love this lounger so much that I bought it twice, just so my cats could use it both upstairs and downstairs. It’s not only the best cat scratcher I’ve ever used, but it’s the best cat product I’ve purchased in my three years of cat ownership. Take it from me, one of the 10,000 reviewers on Amazon, or directly from the mouths of my kitty companions—this scratcher is a game-changer.

Get the PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge from Amazon for $49.95