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Filed in Dog Products on March 22, 2021

GoDogGo Fetch Machine Review

Are you looking for an easy and automated way to play with your dog?

One potential solution is the GoDogGo Fetch Machine by GoDogGo Inc.

This automatic ball launcher allows interactive or independent fetch play for your dog outside and even indoors if you have the space.

In this GoDogGo review, I’ll help you decide whether this fetch machine is worth it.

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What Is the GoDogGo Fetch Machine?GoDogGo Fetch Machine

The GoDogGo Fetch Machine is made by GoDogGo Inc. It’s a ball launcher that automatically (or manually via remote) launches tennis balls to engage your dog in play.

Your pup then returns the ball to the bucket and it will launch the ball again (you can also have continuous ball launching with multiple balls).

GoDogGo has a sensor that starts the machine once a ball is placed in the bucket. Your dog stays safe while the ball thrower launches balls in an arc pattern, upwards & out. This ensures that the ball is not directly aimed at them.

Additionally, there are 3 distance settings, low, medium, and high. This is great for indoor and outdoor use for either small or large fetch areas.

It operates via batteries or an AC adapter. It also comes with a remote control. You can use the remote control to select a desired launch time setting of 4, 7 or 15 seconds.

The remote control can also be used to launch a ball at will for owner-controlled play.

GoDogGo Fetch Machine can fit 1 – 25 balls. One ball should be used for independent play, meaning a ball is only launched when your dog returns the ball to the bucket.

Several balls can be used for continuous launching at the time setting you select. It will only run when a ball is returned to the bucket or is loaded into the channel.

With this product, your dog gets to play, while you can sit back and relax.

Key Benefits of the GoDogGo Fetch Machine

This ball thrower has several key benefits, which include:


1. Creates Independent Play for Your Dog

Automatic ball launchers allow your dog to play independently without much participation from you. You should keep in mind that you do have to train your dog to use this product.

However, once you teach your dog and they learn how to play, they will not require any assistance from you.

2. Enhances Your Dog’s Physical Activity

Most dogs love to run, but it can be hard to make sure your dog is getting the right amount of exercise. A fetch machine is a great way to offer your dog the chance to run to their heart’s content.

Getting your dog the right amount of exercise is crucial to keeping them healthy.

3. Helps Stimulate Your Dog’s Mind

One of the more essential benefits of buying your dog a ball launcher is helping keep your dog’s mind stimulated. If you’ve ever dealt with your dog being destructive, it may have been triggered by boredom.

When your dog lacks mental stimulation, they may end up getting bored and develop destructive behavior. This ball launcher can help.

4. Available in Two Versions with Different Sized Balls and Launch DistanceTwo Dogs with two types of GoDogGo Fetch Machine

GoDogGo offers two similar products: the GoDogGo G4 fetch machine and the Junior Fetch Machine. There isn’t a big difference between the two except for the ball size and launch distance.

The G4 Fetch Machine stands at 16.75” tall and launches balls that range from 1.75” – 2.5” in size. The balls are launched 35+ feet depending on type and size of the ball.

The Junior Fetch Machine stands at 13.75” tall and launches balls that range from 1.5” – 2.25” in size. The balls are launched 12-30+ feet, depending on the type and size of the ball. Note: it does not work with standard size tennis balls.

These different options allow you to find the right fit for your dog.

5. One of the Quietest Dog Ball Launchers Out There

Both the GoDogGo G4 & JUNIOR Fetch Machines use something called the G4 gear system. It makes their ball launcher one of the quietest and smoothest running ball throwers out there.

Be sure to keep in mind that it will still make some noise. However, due to its low sound, you won’t be disturbed if your dog wants to play.

6. Features a Safety Arc and Sensor That Keeps Your Dog Safe

GoDogGo ball throwers are designed with a safety arc that makes for a safe game of automatic fetch! The safety arc launches balls up and out away from your dog.

So there’s little to no risk of your dog being injured. Balls do NOT shoot straight out of these machines.

They’re also equipped with a safety sensor and auto-stop. This is another feature that allows your dog to engage in safe, independent play.

The safety sensor enables the machine to only power up when a ball is loaded. This means the motor does not run continuously.

While these safety measures are put in place to keep your dog safe, it is recommended that you train your dog to stand at a minimum of 2 ft from the front of the unit.

Features and Specifications of the GoDogGo Fetch Machine

Here are some of the features that the GoDogGo Fetch Machine has to offer:

  • Three-time settings 4, 7, and 15-second launch intervals.
  • Three distance settings (low, medium, or high).
  • It has a remote control that allows you to set the launch time or manually override.
  • Wide mouth bucket that allows your dog to return the ball quickly.
  • Safety arc launches balls up and away to keep your dog safe.
  • This ball launcher will not run unless a ball is loaded and has an automatic sensor, safety switch, and auto-stop feature.
  • Operates on an AC adapter or battery power; this ball thrower comes with an adapter.
  • It can fit 1 to 25 balls, depending on ball size.
  • It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

What Customers Are Saying About the GoDogGo Fetch MachineDogs playing with GoDogGo Fetch Machine

Customer reviews have many good things to say about the GoDogGo Fetch Machine. One of the things that dog owners like most is that their dog can independently play with it for hours.

It keeps them entertained and happy while their owners can do other activities.

The second thing is that they like how it saves them from having to throw the ball. Many dog owners would rather sit back and watch their dogs play.

Reviewers also say that it’s relatively easy to train their dog to use the machine. Most report that their dog learned to use the device the same day they got it.

One man said it took him a few hours to train his dog to drop the ball in the bucket. Overall, this ball thrower gets overwhelmingly good reviews.

Some Disadvantages of the GoDogGo Fetch Machine

While the GoDogGo ball thrower has many advantages, there are a few disadvantages and circumstances where it may not be appropriate for your needs.

If you’re looking for a ball launcher that you can use almost strictly indoors, this ball thrower may not be for you. While this product can be used indoors, you have to have the proper setup.

You’ll need high ceilings and a reasonably large open room. Otherwise, the balls with hit the ceiling and possibly cause damage.

If you have a skittish dog, this product may not be a good fit for you and your dog. When reading reviews, there are some instances where owners have been able to get their skittish dogs to use this product, and they loved it.

However, the overall consensus is if your dog is scared of sudden noises, then this product won’t be a good fit.

Some have shared that even though their dog is not afraid of the product, they refuse to independently put the ball into the bucket. This issue doesn’t seem to be very common and seems to come down to your dog’s personality.

It’s hard to know if your dog will use the product appropriately, so keep this in mind before purchasing.

Final Thoughts About the GoDogGo Fetch Machine

When you weigh its advantages and disadvantages, the GoDogGo Fetch Machine is an excellent toy.

It’s an excellent solution for many different reasons. It keeps your dog healthy, happy, and stimulated!

The things that I like most are that it provides consistent stimulation and entertainment for your dog.

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